TVD Conversion Rates

Convert FromConvert ToPairRateDescription
TVDAFNTVDAFN0Tuvaluan dollar to Afghan afghani
TVDALLTVDALL0Tuvaluan dollar to Albanian lek
TVDDZDTVDDZD0Tuvaluan dollar to Algerian dinar
TVDAOATVDAOA0Tuvaluan dollar to Angolan kwanza
TVDARSTVDARS0Tuvaluan dollar to Argentine peso
TVDAMDTVDAMD0Tuvaluan dollar to Armenian dram
TVDAWGTVDAWG0Tuvaluan dollar to Aruban florin
TVDAZNTVDAZN0Tuvaluan dollar to Azerbaijani manat
TVDBSDTVDBSD0Tuvaluan dollar to Bahamian dollar
TVDBHDTVDBHD0Tuvaluan dollar to Bahraini dinar
TVDBDTTVDBDT0Tuvaluan dollar to Bangladeshi taka
TVDBBDTVDBBD0Tuvaluan dollar to Barbadian dollar
TVDBYNTVDBYN0Tuvaluan dollar to Belarusian ruble
TVDBZDTVDBZD0Tuvaluan dollar to Belize dollar
TVDBMDTVDBMD0Tuvaluan dollar to Bermudian dollar
TVDBTNTVDBTN0Tuvaluan dollar to Bhutanese ngultrum
TVDBOBTVDBOB0Tuvaluan dollar to Bolivian boliviano
TVDBAMTVDBAM0Tuvaluan dollar to Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
TVDBWPTVDBWP0Tuvaluan dollar to Botswana pula
TVDBRLTVDBRL0Tuvaluan dollar to Brazilian real
TVDBNDTVDBND0Tuvaluan dollar to Brunei dollar
TVDBGNTVDBGN0Tuvaluan dollar to Bulgarian lev
TVDMMKTVDMMK0Tuvaluan dollar to Burmese kyat
TVDBIFTVDBIF0Tuvaluan dollar to Burundian franc
TVDKHRTVDKHR0Tuvaluan dollar to Cambodian riel
TVDCADTVDCAD0Tuvaluan dollar to Canadian dollar
TVDCVETVDCVE0Tuvaluan dollar to Cape Verdean escudo
TVDKYDTVDKYD0Tuvaluan dollar to Cayman Islands dollar
TVDXAFTVDXAF0Tuvaluan dollar to Central African CFA franc
TVDXPFTVDXPF0Tuvaluan dollar to CFP franc
TVDCOPTVDCOP0Tuvaluan dollar to Colombian peso
TVDKMFTVDKMF0Tuvaluan dollar to Comorian franc
TVDCDFTVDCDF0Tuvaluan dollar to Congolese franc
TVDCKDTVDCKD0Tuvaluan dollar to Cook Islands dollar
TVDCRCTVDCRC0Tuvaluan dollar to Costa Rican colón
TVDHRKTVDHRK0Tuvaluan dollar to Croatian kuna
TVDCUCTVDCUC0Tuvaluan dollar to Cuban convertible peso
TVDCUPTVDCUP0Tuvaluan dollar to Cuban peso
TVDCZKTVDCZK0Tuvaluan dollar to Czech koruna
TVDDKKTVDDKK0Tuvaluan dollar to Danish krone
TVDDJFTVDDJF0Tuvaluan dollar to Djiboutian franc
TVDAUDTVDAUD0Tuvaluan dollar to Australian dollar
TVDDOPTVDDOP0Tuvaluan dollar to Dominican peso
TVDXCDTVDXCD0Tuvaluan dollar to Eastern Caribbean dollar
TVDEGPTVDEGP0Tuvaluan dollar to Egyptian pound
TVDERNTVDERN0Tuvaluan dollar to Eritrean nakfa
TVDETBTVDETB0Tuvaluan dollar to Ethiopian birr
TVDEURTVDEUR0Tuvaluan dollar to Euro
TVDFKPTVDFKP0Tuvaluan dollar to Falkland Islands pound
TVDFOKTVDFOK0Tuvaluan dollar to Faroese króna
TVDFJDTVDFJD0Tuvaluan dollar to Fijian dollar
TVDGMDTVDGMD0Tuvaluan dollar to Gambian dalasi
TVDGELTVDGEL0Tuvaluan dollar to Georgian lari
TVDGHSTVDGHS0Tuvaluan dollar to Ghanaian cedi
TVDGIPTVDGIP0Tuvaluan dollar to Gibraltar pound
TVDGTQTVDGTQ0Tuvaluan dollar to Guatemalan quetzal
TVDGGPTVDGGP0Tuvaluan dollar to Guernsey pound
TVDGNFTVDGNF0Tuvaluan dollar to Guinean franc
TVDGYDTVDGYD0Tuvaluan dollar to Guyanese dollar
TVDHTGTVDHTG0Tuvaluan dollar to Haitian gourde
TVDHNLTVDHNL0Tuvaluan dollar to Honduran lempira
TVDHKDTVDHKD0Tuvaluan dollar to Hong Kong dollar
TVDHUFTVDHUF0Tuvaluan dollar to Hungarian forint
TVDISKTVDISK0Tuvaluan dollar to Icelandic króna
TVDINRTVDINR0Tuvaluan dollar to Indian rupee
TVDIDRTVDIDR0Tuvaluan dollar to Indonesian rupiah
TVDIRRTVDIRR0Tuvaluan dollar to Iranian rial
TVDIQDTVDIQD0Tuvaluan dollar to Iraqi dinar
TVDILSTVDILS0Tuvaluan dollar to Israeli new shekel
TVDJMDTVDJMD0Tuvaluan dollar to Jamaican dollar
TVDJPYTVDJPY0Tuvaluan dollar to Japanese yen
TVDJEPTVDJEP0Tuvaluan dollar to Jersey pound
TVDJODTVDJOD0Tuvaluan dollar to Jordanian dinar
TVDKZTTVDKZT0Tuvaluan dollar to Kazakhstani tenge
TVDKESTVDKES0Tuvaluan dollar to Kenyan shilling
TVDKIDTVDKID0Tuvaluan dollar to Kiribati dollar
TVDKWDTVDKWD0Tuvaluan dollar to Kuwaiti dinar
TVDKGSTVDKGS0Tuvaluan dollar to Kyrgyzstani som
TVDLAKTVDLAK0Tuvaluan dollar to Lao kip
TVDLBPTVDLBP0Tuvaluan dollar to Lebanese pound
TVDLSLTVDLSL0Tuvaluan dollar to Lesotho loti
TVDLRDTVDLRD0Tuvaluan dollar to Liberian dollar
TVDLYDTVDLYD0Tuvaluan dollar to Libyan dinar
TVDMOPTVDMOP0Tuvaluan dollar to Macanese pataca
TVDMKDTVDMKD0Tuvaluan dollar to Macedonian denar
TVDMGATVDMGA0Tuvaluan dollar to Malagasy ariary
TVDMWKTVDMWK0Tuvaluan dollar to Malawian kwacha
TVDMYRTVDMYR0Tuvaluan dollar to Malaysian ringgit
TVDMVRTVDMVR0Tuvaluan dollar to Maldivian rufiyaa
TVDIMPTVDIMP0Tuvaluan dollar to Manx pound
TVDMRUTVDMRU0Tuvaluan dollar to Mauritanian ouguiya
TVDMURTVDMUR0Tuvaluan dollar to Mauritian rupee
TVDMXNTVDMXN0Tuvaluan dollar to Mexican peso
TVDMDLTVDMDL0Tuvaluan dollar to Moldovan leu
TVDMNTTVDMNT0Tuvaluan dollar to Mongolian tögrög
TVDMADTVDMAD0Tuvaluan dollar to Moroccan dirham
TVDMZNTVDMZN0Tuvaluan dollar to Mozambican metical
TVDNADTVDNAD0Tuvaluan dollar to Namibian dollar
TVDNPRTVDNPR0Tuvaluan dollar to Nepalese rupee
TVDANGTVDANG0Tuvaluan dollar to Netherlands Antillean guilder
TVDTWDTVDTWD0Tuvaluan dollar to New Taiwan dollar
TVDNZDTVDNZD0Tuvaluan dollar to New Zealand dollar
TVDNIOTVDNIO0Tuvaluan dollar to Nicaraguan córdoba
TVDNGNTVDNGN0Tuvaluan dollar to Nigerian naira
TVDnoneTVDnone0Tuvaluan dollar to Niue dollar
TVDKPWTVDKPW0Tuvaluan dollar to North Korean won
TVDNOKTVDNOK0Tuvaluan dollar to Norwegian krone
TVDOMRTVDOMR0Tuvaluan dollar to Omani rial
TVDPKRTVDPKR0Tuvaluan dollar to Pakistani rupee
TVDPABTVDPAB0Tuvaluan dollar to Panamanian balboa
TVDPGKTVDPGK0Tuvaluan dollar to Papua New Guinean kina
TVDPYGTVDPYG0Tuvaluan dollar to Paraguayan guaraní
TVDPENTVDPEN0Tuvaluan dollar to Peruvian sol
TVDPHPTVDPHP0Tuvaluan dollar to Philippine peso
TVDPNDTVDPND0Tuvaluan dollar to Pitcairn Islands dollar
TVDPLNTVDPLN0Tuvaluan dollar to Polish złoty
TVDGBPTVDGBP0Tuvaluan dollar to Pound sterling
TVDQARTVDQAR0Tuvaluan dollar to Qatari riyal
TVDCNYTVDCNY0Tuvaluan dollar to Renminbi
TVDRONTVDRON0Tuvaluan dollar to Romanian leu
TVDRUBTVDRUB0Tuvaluan dollar to Russian ruble
TVDRWFTVDRWF0Tuvaluan dollar to Rwandan franc
TVDSHPTVDSHP0Tuvaluan dollar to Saint Helena pound
TVDWSTTVDWST0Tuvaluan dollar to Samoan tālā
TVDSTNTVDSTN0Tuvaluan dollar to São Tomé and Príncipe dobra
TVDSARTVDSAR0Tuvaluan dollar to Saudi riyal
TVDRSDTVDRSD0Tuvaluan dollar to Serbian dinar
TVDSCRTVDSCR0Tuvaluan dollar to Seychellois rupee
TVDSLLTVDSLL0Tuvaluan dollar to Sierra Leonean leone
TVDSGDTVDSGD0Tuvaluan dollar to Singapore dollar
TVDSBDTVDSBD0Tuvaluan dollar to Solomon Islands dollar
TVDSOSTVDSOS0Tuvaluan dollar to Somali shilling
TVDZARTVDZAR0Tuvaluan dollar to South African rand
TVDKRWTVDKRW0Tuvaluan dollar to South Korean won
TVDSSPTVDSSP0Tuvaluan dollar to South Sudanese pound
TVDLKRTVDLKR0Tuvaluan dollar to Sri Lankan rupee
TVDSDGTVDSDG0Tuvaluan dollar to Sudanese pound
TVDSRDTVDSRD0Tuvaluan dollar to Surinamese dollar
TVDSZLTVDSZL0Tuvaluan dollar to Swazi lilangeni
TVDSEKTVDSEK0Tuvaluan dollar to Swedish krona
TVDCHFTVDCHF0Tuvaluan dollar to Swiss franc
TVDSYPTVDSYP0Tuvaluan dollar to Syrian pound
TVDTJSTVDTJS0Tuvaluan dollar to Tajikistani somoni
TVDTZSTVDTZS0Tuvaluan dollar to Tanzanian shilling
TVDTHBTVDTHB0Tuvaluan dollar to Thai baht
TVDTOPTVDTOP0Tuvaluan dollar to Tongan paʻanga
TVDTTDTVDTTD0Tuvaluan dollar to Trinidad and Tobago dollar
TVDTNDTVDTND0Tuvaluan dollar to Tunisian dinar
TVDTRYTVDTRY0Tuvaluan dollar to Turkish lira
TVDTMTTVDTMT0Tuvaluan dollar to Turkmenistan manat
TVDTVDTVDTVD1Tuvaluan dollar to Tuvaluan dollar
TVDUGXTVDUGX0Tuvaluan dollar to Ugandan shilling
TVDUAHTVDUAH0Tuvaluan dollar to Ukrainian hryvnia
TVDAEDTVDAED0Tuvaluan dollar to United Arab Emirates dirham
TVDUSDTVDUSD0Tuvaluan dollar to United States dollar
TVDUYUTVDUYU0Tuvaluan dollar to Uruguayan peso
TVDUZSTVDUZS0Tuvaluan dollar to Uzbekistani soʻm
TVDVUVTVDVUV0Tuvaluan dollar to Vanuatu vatu
TVDVEFTVDVEF0Tuvaluan dollar to Venezuelan bolívar
TVDVNDTVDVND0Tuvaluan dollar to Vietnamese đồng
TVDXOFTVDXOF0Tuvaluan dollar to West African CFA franc
TVDYERTVDYER0Tuvaluan dollar to Yemeni rial
TVDZMWTVDZMW0Tuvaluan dollar to Zambian kwacha
TVDZMKTVDZMK0Tuvaluan dollar to Zambian kwacha
USD - United States dollar
GBP - Pound sterling
EUR - Euro
JPY - Japanese yen
CHF - Swiss franc
CAD - Canadian dollar
HKD - Hong Kong dollar
AUD - Australian dollar