KID Conversion Rates

Convert FromConvert ToPairRateDescription
KIDAFNKIDAFN0Kiribati dollar to Afghan afghani
KIDALLKIDALL0Kiribati dollar to Albanian lek
KIDDZDKIDDZD0Kiribati dollar to Algerian dinar
KIDAOAKIDAOA0Kiribati dollar to Angolan kwanza
KIDARSKIDARS0Kiribati dollar to Argentine peso
KIDAMDKIDAMD0Kiribati dollar to Armenian dram
KIDAWGKIDAWG0Kiribati dollar to Aruban florin
KIDAZNKIDAZN0Kiribati dollar to Azerbaijani manat
KIDBSDKIDBSD0Kiribati dollar to Bahamian dollar
KIDBHDKIDBHD0Kiribati dollar to Bahraini dinar
KIDBDTKIDBDT0Kiribati dollar to Bangladeshi taka
KIDBBDKIDBBD0Kiribati dollar to Barbadian dollar
KIDBYNKIDBYN0Kiribati dollar to Belarusian ruble
KIDBZDKIDBZD0Kiribati dollar to Belize dollar
KIDBMDKIDBMD0Kiribati dollar to Bermudian dollar
KIDBTNKIDBTN0Kiribati dollar to Bhutanese ngultrum
KIDBOBKIDBOB0Kiribati dollar to Bolivian boliviano
KIDBAMKIDBAM0Kiribati dollar to Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
KIDBWPKIDBWP0Kiribati dollar to Botswana pula
KIDBRLKIDBRL0Kiribati dollar to Brazilian real
KIDBNDKIDBND0Kiribati dollar to Brunei dollar
KIDBGNKIDBGN0Kiribati dollar to Bulgarian lev
KIDMMKKIDMMK0Kiribati dollar to Burmese kyat
KIDBIFKIDBIF0Kiribati dollar to Burundian franc
KIDKHRKIDKHR0Kiribati dollar to Cambodian riel
KIDCADKIDCAD0Kiribati dollar to Canadian dollar
KIDCVEKIDCVE0Kiribati dollar to Cape Verdean escudo
KIDKYDKIDKYD0Kiribati dollar to Cayman Islands dollar
KIDXAFKIDXAF0Kiribati dollar to Central African CFA franc
KIDXPFKIDXPF0Kiribati dollar to CFP franc
KIDCOPKIDCOP0Kiribati dollar to Colombian peso
KIDKMFKIDKMF0Kiribati dollar to Comorian franc
KIDCDFKIDCDF0Kiribati dollar to Congolese franc
KIDCKDKIDCKD0Kiribati dollar to Cook Islands dollar
KIDCRCKIDCRC0Kiribati dollar to Costa Rican colón
KIDHRKKIDHRK0Kiribati dollar to Croatian kuna
KIDCUCKIDCUC0Kiribati dollar to Cuban convertible peso
KIDCUPKIDCUP0Kiribati dollar to Cuban peso
KIDCZKKIDCZK0Kiribati dollar to Czech koruna
KIDDKKKIDDKK0Kiribati dollar to Danish krone
KIDDJFKIDDJF0Kiribati dollar to Djiboutian franc
KIDAUDKIDAUD0Kiribati dollar to Australian dollar
KIDDOPKIDDOP0Kiribati dollar to Dominican peso
KIDXCDKIDXCD0Kiribati dollar to Eastern Caribbean dollar
KIDEGPKIDEGP0Kiribati dollar to Egyptian pound
KIDERNKIDERN0Kiribati dollar to Eritrean nakfa
KIDETBKIDETB0Kiribati dollar to Ethiopian birr
KIDEURKIDEUR0Kiribati dollar to Euro
KIDFKPKIDFKP0Kiribati dollar to Falkland Islands pound
KIDFOKKIDFOK0Kiribati dollar to Faroese króna
KIDFJDKIDFJD0Kiribati dollar to Fijian dollar
KIDGMDKIDGMD0Kiribati dollar to Gambian dalasi
KIDGELKIDGEL0Kiribati dollar to Georgian lari
KIDGHSKIDGHS0Kiribati dollar to Ghanaian cedi
KIDGIPKIDGIP0Kiribati dollar to Gibraltar pound
KIDGTQKIDGTQ0Kiribati dollar to Guatemalan quetzal
KIDGGPKIDGGP0Kiribati dollar to Guernsey pound
KIDGNFKIDGNF0Kiribati dollar to Guinean franc
KIDGYDKIDGYD0Kiribati dollar to Guyanese dollar
KIDHTGKIDHTG0Kiribati dollar to Haitian gourde
KIDHNLKIDHNL0Kiribati dollar to Honduran lempira
KIDHKDKIDHKD0Kiribati dollar to Hong Kong dollar
KIDHUFKIDHUF0Kiribati dollar to Hungarian forint
KIDISKKIDISK0Kiribati dollar to Icelandic króna
KIDINRKIDINR0Kiribati dollar to Indian rupee
KIDIDRKIDIDR0Kiribati dollar to Indonesian rupiah
KIDIRRKIDIRR0Kiribati dollar to Iranian rial
KIDIQDKIDIQD0Kiribati dollar to Iraqi dinar
KIDILSKIDILS0Kiribati dollar to Israeli new shekel
KIDJMDKIDJMD0Kiribati dollar to Jamaican dollar
KIDJPYKIDJPY0Kiribati dollar to Japanese yen
KIDJEPKIDJEP0Kiribati dollar to Jersey pound
KIDJODKIDJOD0Kiribati dollar to Jordanian dinar
KIDKZTKIDKZT0Kiribati dollar to Kazakhstani tenge
KIDKESKIDKES0Kiribati dollar to Kenyan shilling
KIDKIDKIDKID1Kiribati dollar to Kiribati dollar
KIDKWDKIDKWD0Kiribati dollar to Kuwaiti dinar
KIDKGSKIDKGS0Kiribati dollar to Kyrgyzstani som
KIDLAKKIDLAK0Kiribati dollar to Lao kip
KIDLBPKIDLBP0Kiribati dollar to Lebanese pound
KIDLSLKIDLSL0Kiribati dollar to Lesotho loti
KIDLRDKIDLRD0Kiribati dollar to Liberian dollar
KIDLYDKIDLYD0Kiribati dollar to Libyan dinar
KIDMOPKIDMOP0Kiribati dollar to Macanese pataca
KIDMKDKIDMKD0Kiribati dollar to Macedonian denar
KIDMGAKIDMGA0Kiribati dollar to Malagasy ariary
KIDMWKKIDMWK0Kiribati dollar to Malawian kwacha
KIDMYRKIDMYR0Kiribati dollar to Malaysian ringgit
KIDMVRKIDMVR0Kiribati dollar to Maldivian rufiyaa
KIDIMPKIDIMP0Kiribati dollar to Manx pound
KIDMRUKIDMRU0Kiribati dollar to Mauritanian ouguiya
KIDMURKIDMUR0Kiribati dollar to Mauritian rupee
KIDMXNKIDMXN0Kiribati dollar to Mexican peso
KIDMDLKIDMDL0Kiribati dollar to Moldovan leu
KIDMNTKIDMNT0Kiribati dollar to Mongolian tögrög
KIDMADKIDMAD0Kiribati dollar to Moroccan dirham
KIDMZNKIDMZN0Kiribati dollar to Mozambican metical
KIDNADKIDNAD0Kiribati dollar to Namibian dollar
KIDNPRKIDNPR0Kiribati dollar to Nepalese rupee
KIDANGKIDANG0Kiribati dollar to Netherlands Antillean guilder
KIDTWDKIDTWD0Kiribati dollar to New Taiwan dollar
KIDNZDKIDNZD0Kiribati dollar to New Zealand dollar
KIDNIOKIDNIO0Kiribati dollar to Nicaraguan córdoba
KIDNGNKIDNGN0Kiribati dollar to Nigerian naira
KIDnoneKIDnone0Kiribati dollar to Niue dollar
KIDKPWKIDKPW0Kiribati dollar to North Korean won
KIDNOKKIDNOK0Kiribati dollar to Norwegian krone
KIDOMRKIDOMR0Kiribati dollar to Omani rial
KIDPKRKIDPKR0Kiribati dollar to Pakistani rupee
KIDPABKIDPAB0Kiribati dollar to Panamanian balboa
KIDPGKKIDPGK0Kiribati dollar to Papua New Guinean kina
KIDPYGKIDPYG0Kiribati dollar to Paraguayan guaraní
KIDPENKIDPEN0Kiribati dollar to Peruvian sol
KIDPHPKIDPHP0Kiribati dollar to Philippine peso
KIDPNDKIDPND0Kiribati dollar to Pitcairn Islands dollar
KIDPLNKIDPLN0Kiribati dollar to Polish złoty
KIDGBPKIDGBP0Kiribati dollar to Pound sterling
KIDQARKIDQAR0Kiribati dollar to Qatari riyal
KIDCNYKIDCNY0Kiribati dollar to Renminbi
KIDRONKIDRON0Kiribati dollar to Romanian leu
KIDRUBKIDRUB0Kiribati dollar to Russian ruble
KIDRWFKIDRWF0Kiribati dollar to Rwandan franc
KIDSHPKIDSHP0Kiribati dollar to Saint Helena pound
KIDWSTKIDWST0Kiribati dollar to Samoan tālā
KIDSTNKIDSTN0Kiribati dollar to São Tomé and Príncipe dobra
KIDSARKIDSAR0Kiribati dollar to Saudi riyal
KIDRSDKIDRSD0Kiribati dollar to Serbian dinar
KIDSCRKIDSCR0Kiribati dollar to Seychellois rupee
KIDSLLKIDSLL0Kiribati dollar to Sierra Leonean leone
KIDSGDKIDSGD0Kiribati dollar to Singapore dollar
KIDSBDKIDSBD0Kiribati dollar to Solomon Islands dollar
KIDSOSKIDSOS0Kiribati dollar to Somali shilling
KIDZARKIDZAR0Kiribati dollar to South African rand
KIDKRWKIDKRW0Kiribati dollar to South Korean won
KIDSSPKIDSSP0Kiribati dollar to South Sudanese pound
KIDLKRKIDLKR0Kiribati dollar to Sri Lankan rupee
KIDSDGKIDSDG0Kiribati dollar to Sudanese pound
KIDSRDKIDSRD0Kiribati dollar to Surinamese dollar
KIDSZLKIDSZL0Kiribati dollar to Swazi lilangeni
KIDSEKKIDSEK0Kiribati dollar to Swedish krona
KIDCHFKIDCHF0Kiribati dollar to Swiss franc
KIDSYPKIDSYP0Kiribati dollar to Syrian pound
KIDTJSKIDTJS0Kiribati dollar to Tajikistani somoni
KIDTZSKIDTZS0Kiribati dollar to Tanzanian shilling
KIDTHBKIDTHB0Kiribati dollar to Thai baht
KIDTOPKIDTOP0Kiribati dollar to Tongan paʻanga
KIDTTDKIDTTD0Kiribati dollar to Trinidad and Tobago dollar
KIDTNDKIDTND0Kiribati dollar to Tunisian dinar
KIDTRYKIDTRY0Kiribati dollar to Turkish lira
KIDTMTKIDTMT0Kiribati dollar to Turkmenistan manat
KIDTVDKIDTVD0Kiribati dollar to Tuvaluan dollar
KIDUGXKIDUGX0Kiribati dollar to Ugandan shilling
KIDUAHKIDUAH0Kiribati dollar to Ukrainian hryvnia
KIDAEDKIDAED0Kiribati dollar to United Arab Emirates dirham
KIDUSDKIDUSD0Kiribati dollar to United States dollar
KIDUYUKIDUYU0Kiribati dollar to Uruguayan peso
KIDUZSKIDUZS0Kiribati dollar to Uzbekistani soʻm
KIDVUVKIDVUV0Kiribati dollar to Vanuatu vatu
KIDVEFKIDVEF0Kiribati dollar to Venezuelan bolívar
KIDVNDKIDVND0Kiribati dollar to Vietnamese đồng
KIDXOFKIDXOF0Kiribati dollar to West African CFA franc
KIDYERKIDYER0Kiribati dollar to Yemeni rial
KIDZMWKIDZMW0Kiribati dollar to Zambian kwacha
KIDZMKKIDZMK0Kiribati dollar to Zambian kwacha
USD - United States dollar
GBP - Pound sterling
EUR - Euro
JPY - Japanese yen
CHF - Swiss franc
CAD - Canadian dollar
HKD - Hong Kong dollar
AUD - Australian dollar